Save your family stories today

Do you know the life stories of your parents, grandparents or ancestors? Where did they come from? What was the world like then? What about their careers, travels, trials and triumphs?

There are many dimensions to a person over a lifetime and you may only know a fraction of who they are or were. And by the time grandchildren are old enough to be interested, family stories and knowledge have disappeared, but not anymore.

Technology makes it so easy to collect and share priceless family and ancestry information into a printable digital keepsake book, so future generations are not left wondering.

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Student writing a family book
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Case Studies

How to create your family book



Use template questions to write or speak your stories. All your answers and photos are automatically collated into a printable digital book.



Invite up to 500 family and friends to contribute stories, information and photos to fill your book, ideal for families dispersed around the country or world.



Share your digital book; Facebook, websites, email, Blog. Print-on-demand at home or have it professionally bound into a precious Family keepsake.

How It Works

Simply answer the template questions

Sign up and follow the questions. Questions are just prompts to stimulate thoughts and memories, skip unnecessary questions or rename the chapter to write about another topic. Type or speak your stories, interview family and friends. Cloud computing, nothing to download. Content is automatically saved and accessible from any device with Wi-Fi.

Voice-to- text technology – 2 hours of recording

Integrated Google voice-to-text technology records a voice and instantly transcribes the spoken words into text. All text can be edited and rearranged (voice recordings are kept in your book and can be listened to any time).


Invite up to 500 people to contribute stories and photos to fill your book, ideal for dispersed families. Invited parties receive a unique URL link to sign in and write their story (in any language), add photos, then submit. Contributions automatically appear in your book, for easy editing before you share or print.

Print on demand

Download the PDF file of your book as many times as you like and print on your home printer. A Postscript link for professional printers, no need to send a huge file. Receive a quote to print your book to your unique specifications.

Share your book

Share your digital book on any platform; Facebook, websites, email. Invited readers always see the latest version, instantly updated as you create your book.

Online Q&A templates guide and structure your content, with writing tips and memory exercises. With a single ‘click’ all content is collated into a digital book with PDF file.

Voice-to-text technologyeasily save priceless stories with the authentic ‘voice’ and phrases. A total of 2 hours of recording. All audio files stay with your book file and are hosted throughout your subscription. Audio files can be downloaded and saved onto your computer too.

Collaborationallows many people to build a book together. Easily collect stories and photos from loved ones around the world.

Print and Digital bookfor online sharing and PDF file for print. On-demand printing available, books are ideal for gifts, promotions, or school fundraising.

White-labeled link availablebooks are branded with your organisation’s logo & message.

Cloud computingnothing to download. Secure hosting and ongoing IT support.

Start your Family book today

No personal information required to start, just an email address.

Start collecting the stories of your life or family information, easily and affordably, before it is lost forever.