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Now there is an easy, convenient and affordable way to create, collate and share your Family stories.

Bookform was created by Carey Furze in 2016. Throughout 2017 Bookform tested 3 main channels for creating a family book:

  • Aged care: as a value-add for businesses and a cognitive activity for residents.
  • Libraries: as a community engagement tool to bring citizens to existing venues for a fun, productive activity.
  • Schools: as a community building activity for schools and students.

From 2018 Bookform will re-launch as a resource for schools and students to easily create their Family books.

Early testing showed that older people were hesitant to write about and share their life stories, mainly because it is time-consuming, but also because they thought their family would not be interested. We repeatedly see that this is not true, technology makes it so easy and grandchildren are desperate for any information about their family and ancestry when they are older, especially in a modern format that can be easily saved, stored and shared.

Carey has two books published; Held (2003) and Sex Slave (2010) and completed an online Bachelor of Communications degree (2011-2016). After these experiences, Carey thought technology could be better used to help anyone create, collate and save their precious family information.

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How it works

The Free trial lets you start creating your book instantly, simply answer the template questions. With a single ‘click’ all of your answers (any language) and photos are automatically compiled into a digital book with a PDF file.

All questions are just a suggestion to stimulate your thoughts and memories. Skip unnecessary questions or rename the chapter and write about any topic you like. Chapters and answers can all be rearranged.

Upgrade to use the voice-to-text and Collaboration functionalities.

Invite family and friends to contribute content and photos. A personalised email with a unique link to your book will allow them to write their story or upload documents and photos. Perhaps a relative has researched your Family genealogy and has lots of ancestry information, they can upload and ‘submit’ and it instantly appears in your book. All contributions can be edited or deleted.

Your book is private until you share it.

No one can see or access your book, it is private until you share the unique link or PDF file. Share your digital book on any online platform and download the PDF file as many times as you like. You own all copyright and content. Files are securely hosted on Amazon servers.

Print on demand

Print your book on your home printer or email your unique postscript link to any professional printer to get a beautifully bound legacy book.

Maybe a large coffee table book, or a novel-sized paperback, or whatever style of book you would like – it’s your family’s legacy keepsake.

Contact us for personalised printed book quotes: office@bookform.com.au

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