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Writing a memoir book is as easy as filling in a form

The last 60+ years have seen untold changes in our daily lives. Your childhood and life experiences are worlds away from the lives of your children and even more foreign to your grandchildren. 

Now there is an easy, convenient and affordable way to collate and share the stories of your life with family and friends, or pass-on your specialised knowledge, or inspire others with your experiences or life lessons – whatever you would like to say.

We are all living ‘time capsules’ of historical events, countries and the communities we grew up in. Every time someone passes away a lifetime of knowledge, culture and family history is lost - we must save these stories, before they disappear forever. 

It’s free to try and no personal information is required to start your memoirs.

Bookform was created by Carey Furze in 2016. Carey has two books published; Held (2003) and Sex Slave (2010) and completed an online Bachelor of Communications degree (2011-2016). After these experiences, Carey thought technology could be better used to help anyone write a book or memoir, especially older people to collate some of the stories of their lives for their families.

Self publishing exists for people who think they can write or have a commercially viable book product, but what about those who just want to tell their children and grand-children about the person they are and the life they have lived. The Bookform templates and personalised writing workshops have been created for all of these people. 

How it works

The free trial lets you see the various book templates:

  • Memoir / Autobiography book
  • Travel experience book
  • Health journey book
  • Business / Collaboration book

Upgrade to a monthly or annual subscription to download your print-ready digital book product at any time and as many times as you like.

Choose a template and start answering the questions. All of your answers and photos are automatically compiled into moveable sections and chapters.

Writing is a wonderful journey. Start at home first or book into a writing workshop with an expert to get personalised guidance, or Bookform can create the whole book for you from interviews.

Your finished book can be published digitally or downloaded as a PDF file to send to a printer.  Make your book into a large coffee table book, a novel-sized paperback, or whatever style of book you would like – it is your legacy.

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