Frequently Asked Questions

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A digital book can be viewed in any web browser, such as your computer, tablet or smartphone. An e-book needs a device to be viewed, like a kindle.
You need to subscribe to download your book. During the free trial you can create as many books as you like and view them in a digital version in your web browser, but if you want to download the print version you will need to subscribe for at least one month. Click ‘upgrade’ to become a subscriber and choose the ‘one month’ or ‘one year’ option and follow the prompts for payment. Then you can download and save the PDF file to your computer.
At the moment no, but if there is demand we will add this feature. Currently you can rename any existing chapter.
Bookform is a form of self-publishing, similar to any digital or print manuscript, except it is formatted into a book-like product, with front cover, contents pages, chapters and photographs. You can send the digital or PDF file to an editor or publisher for appraisal. The PDF file can be changed into a word document for editing or uploading to another format. Editing functionality will be introduced soon. All of the Bookform writing workshop facilitators can give personalised advice on how to find an editor, proofreader or publisher.
Bookform plans to launch a specialty memoir bookshop in 2018. You can upload your digital and PDF file for sale and start making money. Until then, you can forward your book’s url on any digital platform or upload to Amazon.
You are the sole owner of your book. Bookform is a tool to help you create a book; we do not have any rights or control over the contents of your book.
When your subscription is about to end you will be asked to download your book file. Once your subscription has lapsed your file will be in an archive for 2 years, and then deleted.