Create a legacy

Do you know the stories of your parent’s life? What kind of childhood did they have? What about their ancestry, their careers, travels and experiences?

There are many dimensions to a person over a lifetime and you may only know a fraction of who they are or were. And by the time grandchildren are old enough to be interested, family stories and knowledge have disappeared, but not anymore.

Bookform enables anyone to collate the stories of their life, or their loved one’s life, into a print-ready digital legacy book.

3 generations of family
writing workshop
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How It Works

Select a book type

You can choose between autobiography, memoir, travel book, health journey, business or collaborative..

Simply answer the template questions

Bookform is as simple as filling in a form. Our specially designed questions help spark memories and help make the writing process so much easier.

Collaborate with others (only if you want to)

If you would like friends or family to contribute to your book use the collaborative book and invite people to add chapters to your book.

Join a writing workshop

A great way to socialise and receive guidance from a writing expert. Simply search for workshops in your area and book to join.

Share your book

Once you're finished share your book on social media or by email with your friends and family.

Print your book

If you'd prefer to print your book simply download the print-ready PDF and print it yourself or take it to a printer to create a professional bound book.