A Family book-creating tool

Bookform facilitates 21st century learning skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

Publishing a book generates an interest in literacy, communication and story. Students use the latest in Internet Communication Technology (ICT), to lead intergenerational communication and create a beautiful keepsake for their family to cherish for many generations.

Students can create community projects using the collaboration and Voice-to-text technology. All books can be shared online or printed, for use as promotional material on your school’s initiatives, or as a new revenue stream.

Example Family Book: Harold Edwards

Example: Family Recipe Book

Example: School Holidays

How It Works

Watch how Bookform works
Simply answer the template questions

Questions are just prompts to stimulate thoughts and memories, skip unnecessary questions or rename the chapter to write about another topic. Cloud computing: accessible anywhere, anytime, nothing to download, automatically saves on any device connected to Wi-Fi.

Voice-to-text technology – 2 hours of recording

Compatible with Chrome or Firefox ONLY, download one of these free web browsers to use this functionality. Integrated Google voice-to-text technology records a voice and instantly transcribes the spoken words into text. All text can be edited and rearranged in your book (voice recordings are kept and can be listened to any time).


Invite family and friends to contribute stories and photos to fill your book, ideal for families dispersed around the country or world. Invited parties receive a unique URL link to sign in and write their story (in any language), add photos, then submit. Contributions automatically appear in your book, for easy editing or rearranging before you share or print.

Share your book

Share your digital book on any platform; Facebook, websites, email, Blog. Readers see the latest version, instantly updated as you create your book.

Print on demand

Download the PDF file as many times as you like and print on your home printer. A Postscript link for professional printers, so there is no need to send a huge file. Receive an instant quote to print your book to your individual specifications.


Online resource for Family Projects

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