Are you a professional writer or youth worker?

Supplement your income – facilitate a Bookform Family book-creating workshop.

Writing Experts - Register

Register to be a Bookform workshop facilitator. Once your credentials are approved, you'll be able to start workshops in your neighbourhood using Bookform as a marketing, registration and payment platform, with full access to the Family book-creating software. 

Bookform processes all transactions and pays you on completion of the workshop.

Online resources are available and no specialty software training is required.

We are currently only accepting writing experts in Australia. However, if you are an expert from another country, please complete the form and we'll be in touch.

Why you should become a Bookform Writing Host


Workshops generate income.


Augment the template questions to suit your learning objectives.


Help our youth collect their family's stories before they are lost forever. Diverse and interesting life stories every time.


Run your own Family book-creating workshops using the Bookform software and help save priceless Family stories.